Offsite Replicants

the security solution for an uncertain world

Offsite Replicants are built on the tried and tested ClarkConnect network appliance software, on the stable and secure RedHat Linux Enterprise platform now known as CentOS.

Advantages over conventional backup solutions :

  1. A standby server is available immediately when your main server fails, no need to make a phone call, or wait for an engineer, just login to the "Hot Standby".

  2. No Loss of data, as we synchronise the standby server throughout the day, as quickly as possible - typically every five to ten minutes.

  3. Built-in Business Continuity Solution.

    Should your site suffer damage or be segregated as part of an emergency response - such as from a fire, flood, explosion, act of war etc - your offsite replicant can be transported to a datacentre or internet cafe, or simply downloaded to their systems, and you can be back in business within the hour.

  4. Detailed archiving and recording - changes to files are stored for as long as possible, currently we have over 120 days of changes stored for a customer on their own server inhouse - this allows proving the development of projects by leaving an audit trail, and if something goes wrong this data can be analysed to find out who, where and when something went wrong.


Basic installation costs £450 for 3 Machines - Primary Server, Hot Standby, and the first Offsite Replicant. You will need a 3 reliable machines to run the software on, so budget £1500 for the basic installation.

Benefits :

  1. No Downtime following server failure, you can just keep on working.

  2. No Expensive data recovery following disk failure.

  3. No need to worry about backups, we do them automatically.

  4. Versioning of all changed files for at least 7 days

  5. No live files can be deleted.

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